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You are smart!

Time to learn more.


We have three recommendations for you:

  1. Don't buy bitcoin on Revolut, PayPal, RobinHood, eToro, Betterment, etc. These will not allow you to withdraw your bitcoin in your personal possession.

    Instead, use bitcoin/crypto focused products.

    1. Relai (use code "BitcoinReady")
    2. Swan (best for US residents; get a dedicated contact for $100k+ annual volume)
    3. BitcoinReserve (best for EU & UK residents; get a dedicated contact for $10k+ annual volume)
    4. Amber (for Australia)
  2. Avoid buying other cryptocurrencies (unless you want to play casino). 

  3. Do learn more about bitcoin. There are countless resources out there. We have invested our heart and soul to consolidate them in one 3-hour-long Bitcoin Masterclass designed to give you a solid foundation on your understanding and use of Bitcoin.