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Money Is Changing Forever

Join 2100 subscribers getting #BitcoinReady. Every Saturday you will receive 1 lesson about the accelerating transition and how it affects your savings, family, and future.




Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Explaining money and bitcoin as simply as possible.

Hard Facts

First principles thinking and observable hard facts. Avoiding theories and in the box thinking.


Freedom unlocks innovation, progress, and happiness. Control suffocates them.

About Bitcoin Ready

I spent 9 years leading business development for fintech and crypto products. Then I discovered my passion for teaching. As I studied Bitcoin I felt my mission was to share this knowledge at scale. I founded #BitcoinReady to build a fast track for anyone to deeply understand Bitcoin and its inevitability.

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Delivering one lesson about money & bitcoin every Saturday

Join 2100 subscribers getting one lesson about the accelerating financial transition and how it affects your family, savings, and future.

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