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The fast track masterclass to quickly and deeply understand money, fiat, bitcoin, and the ongoing enormous wealth transfer. Secure your future with the right knowledge and actions today.

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Angel Kanchev

Regardless of your background, investing a few hours in George's masterclass is a totally worth it. Start living the compelling alternative of digital 'gold' to the relentless 'rat race' that dominates most lives.

Denys Dovgal

George delivered a Bitcoin Keynote talk at Freedom Business Summit I organized. His presentation was easily one of the top 3 talks at the event.

Katya Georgieva

George's Bitcoin guide is simple and dead practical. His masterclass is both deep and at the same time easy to understand even for dummies. The course gave me clarity to understand, buy and own bitcoin.

Dimitre Tzonev

Enrolling in this course was one of the most transformative decisions I've ever made. Being a finance professional, I felt like I had a solid grasp on the financial world, but this course took my understanding to a whole new level. It was a true eye-opener, particularly when it came to demystifying Bitcoin. I've never been one to readily recommend products or services, but investing in this course is worth every penny.

Kostadin Kotevski

This masterclass is fastest way to learn about Bitcoin, understand the gravity of this human innovation, and guide you to take real action. We are ongoing the biggest financial shift in recent history and this course prepares you for it.

Yuliy Yuliev

George stands out for his ability to make complex concepts accessible while offering in-depth insights into the world of Bitcoin. Clears out the noise. Thanks, George, for putting together such a valuable resource!

Miroslav Zaporozhanov

In his clear and accessible lectures, George demonstrates a deep understanding of the challenges within the global financial system and the critical role Bitcoin plays in safeguarding purchasing power. An indispensable masterclass for those looking to safeguard their wealth for the future.

Daniela Encheva

The Masterclass is very informative, interesting and easy to understand even for newbies like me. I completed it in one go. George has managed to select the important and useful essence, and it is easy to see how much passion he invests into the topic. The best is that you are not left alone with your questions after you complete the course. George is very quick to reply, very supportive too. I strongly recommend the Bitcoin Masterclass! Thank you for the great job, George!

Inna Valerieva

What¬†George has built is a pure treasure. His Masterclass combines a lot of knowledge and practical guidance at one place which I‚Äôd strongly recommend to anyone who is interested in converting their financial literacy in financial freedom. ‚̧ԳŹ

Venelina Bozheva

I absolutely loved George’s masterclass. It’s beginner friendly, to the point, and with a little dedication on your end, you can master this complex topic in a surprisingly short amount of time. I have now purchased satoshis and store them on my own!

George Manolov

Founder, BitcoinReady

"You and everyone will eventually adopt bitcoin. Just like everyone adopted the internet. But unlike the internet, people who adopt bitcoin earlier will benefit a lot more than the ones who wait, struggle, and get forced by reality to adopt it later."


Why I Created This Masterclass

Get Instant Access for ‚ā¨121

Frequently Asked Questions


21-Day Guarantee

I offer full money-back guarantee for 21 days. If you complete the masterclass and you think it was a waste of time, ask for your money and you will get it.

What's Inside?


Why this matters to you?

The HUGE Money Problem

  • The staggering global theft
  • The root cause of the¬†theft
  • Taboos media & politicians don't talk about
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The money lesson no one taught you

When Does Money BREAK?

  • The rise & fall of moneys
  • What makes¬†good money?
  • The uniqueness of¬†fiat¬†US Dollars
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The birth of a new system

Bitcoin for Dummies

  • The payment network you and I own
  • The hardest money¬†discovered
  • How high can¬†Bitcoin's price grow?
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Why fiat money is doomed to die?

The Titanic CLASH

  • The¬†war between¬†entrepreneurs and economists
  • Unlocking¬†abundance and the 15-hour work week
  • Living on the¬†Bitcoin vs Fiat Standard
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Step By Step Action Time

OWN Bitcoin NOW

  • The 2 ways¬†make & receive bitcoin payments NOW
  • How much, when, and where to buy bitcoin NOW?
  • When is the best¬†time to buy bitcoin?
  • 5 steps¬†to securely store your bitcoin
Get Instant Access for ‚ā¨121

21-Day Guarantee

I offer full money-back guarantee for 21 days. If you complete the masterclass and you think it was a waste of time, ask for your money and you will get it.

Get Instant Access for ‚ā¨121

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