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BR #37: I am a thief

Mar 31, 2024

I am a thief.

I steal from you and your family.

And I will continue to steal.

Here is why:

I am forced to steal.

Because if I don't, I fall behind.

How do I steal?

I take loans.

Banks give me money I have not earned yet.

And banks give it to me at a very low price (interest rate).

Hell, some of them push loans down my throat.

"Take it, buy the house now, cuz prices are going up."

And I take the loan.

I take the money I did not earn.

And I buy the house with that newly printed money.

Thus I increase demand for housing and real estate prices goes up.

And if YOU did not take a loan before I did, then I stole from YOUR savings.

After I took the loan (printed money), and bought the house, the price of all houses increase a tiny bit.

But I am not alone.

Millions take loans.

They spend money they have not earned to buy housing (that they often don't even need) only to protect their melting savings.

I am a thief.

I don't like to steal.

But the fiat credit system incentivizes me to.

It incentivizes everyone to steal.

Am I a bad person for stealing from you?

Should I stop stealing?

Or should I steal more?

The fiat credit system is a global olympics of stealing.

It is the ultimate competition of who will steal faster than others.

This stealing permeates every corner of society and it is the ultimate driver for corruption in every country and every industry.

Bitcoin fixes this stealing.


It incentivizes everyone to save.

When you save in Bitcoin you get rewarded with higher purchasing power.

When you save in fiat you get punished with lower purchasing power.

Practically today:

  • I save in Bitcoin
  • I borrow in fiat

So I steal and save at the same time.

But I work towards moving the world to a full Bitcoin standard.

So that in my lifetime I finally stop stealing.

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