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BR #36: 2024 Predictions & Sex Advice 👀

Dec 31, 2023

(1-minute read)

TEN "economy" and ₿ price predictions:

  1. Central banks will decrease the cost of borrowing 160 casino chips...I mean 160 fiat currencies
  2. This will increase the number of fiat toilet paper in the casino...I mean "the global economy"
  3. This, in turn, will accelerate the rate of theft from you...I mean it will accelerate "inflation"
  4. Bitcoin ETFs will make it easy for anyone to buy a promise for Bitcoin (not real Bitcoin!)
  5. Armies of brokers will recommend their clients to buy Bitcoin ETFs (not real Bitcoin!)
  6. Millions of people will buy Bitcoin ETFs (not real Bitcoin!)
  7. Bitcoin's price will surpass $100k.
  8. The price will remain very volatile!
  9. But it will be predominantly growing.
  10. How high will the price grow?

This depends on your actions, my actions, and the actions of several billion other market participants.

SIX ₿ adoption predictions:

  1. One more country will adopt Bitcoin or announce it mines Bitcoin.
  2. Two premier football clubs will follow Botev Plovdiv's adoption of Bitcoin.
  3. More people will see that everything gets cheaper in Bitcoin terms. FOREVER.
  4. More people will realize it makes zero sense to have more than 1 money.
  5. More people will realize that Bitcoin is the hardest money in the world.
  6. More people will adopt Bitcoin as their main (if not only) money.

2025/2026 prediction:

Don't invest in Bitcoin ETFs!

SEX advice:

  • Buying a ₿ ETF is like watching porn.
  • It is easy and cheap, but it is FAKE sex.
  • What is worse, it can ruin your personal and sexual life.
  • Happy people build relationships and have sex with a real person.
  • Similarly, financially successful people learn how to buy real Bitcoin!
  • Yes, it is harder than buying a ₿ ETF but so is building a real relationship.
  • Both having real Bitcoin and a real relationship will 10X your life satisfaction.

Wishing you an amazing 2024 filled with real things!


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