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BR #27: Adopting Financial Gunpowder

Oct 08, 2023


People often compare Bitcoin adoption to iPhone adoption.

They think of Bitcoin as cute and interesting technology to play with. It is not.

Bitcoin is more like the gunpowder technology.

Consider this:
Did the French army have a choice about adopting gunpowder?
No. Military reality forced them to substitute sticks, stones, and swords with gunpowder.

Bitcoin is like financial gunpowder.
It's the safest way to send money across the world, the most secure way, and the hardest money we've ever invented.

At the end of the day, the economic reality is:

  • Bitcoin is the hardest money.
  • The hardest money always wins (as exemplified in Turkey, Lebanon, Argentina, Venezuela, the Weimar Republic, the Roman Empire, and countless modern and primitive peoples).

Gold became more valuable than silver not because it had better marketing than silver or because it looked better.

  • Gold became more valuable silver because of economic reality.
  • Gold supply grew at a much slower rate than silver’s.
  • Therefore, people chose gold over silver.

Now let’s compare two businesses. Both have similar products, revenues, and profits. But:

  • one saves in fiat.
  • while the other saves in bitcoin.

Remember that all fiat currencies were and are designed to always lose purchasing power.

And Bitcoin was designed to consistently grow its purchasing power.

Therefore, it is just a matter of time before the business using Bitcoin massively outpaces the business using fiat.

So will you stick to financial sticks, stones, and swords?

Or will you adopt financial gunpowder?

The earlier you adopt financial gunpowder, the stronger your business and your financial situation will be.

Get #BitcoinReady or Get Left Behind.

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