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BR #5: A Big Fat Fiat Lie

May 07, 2023

"Bitcoin is truth. Fiat is a lie."

Today let's expose one big fat fiat lie.

"Low inflation of about 2% is essential for economic growth and prosperity."

This is the biggest LIE of central banks!

I go bananas every time I hear this communist propaganda (advertised as "capitalistic").

Let me ask you something.

Do you like it when your favorite meal gets more expensive?

Do you like it when your kid's tuition fees grow?

Do you like it when your electricity bill jumps with 2%?

Do you get dopamine spikes every time prices rise? 🧐

I bet you don't.

I bet you would love love for everything to get cheaper.

I bet lower prices would allow you to take a breath of freedom.

They would allow you to enjoy life, to spend more time with your close ones and plan your future.

Cheaper living could allow you to finally take that risk of starting your own business...because you know that if even if you fail, you will be fine.

But central banks say "No no no no! You don't understand. We need a little inflation."

They say:
- "If there is no inflation, prices will go down."
- "If prices go down, people will stop working."
- "If prices go down, people will stop consuming."
- "If prices go down, GDP will go lower 😱 "
- "And then, when nobody consumes, production will decrease, employers will fire employees, and we go in a recession."

Okay, I agree, they have build a believable story. But it makes sense only on a surface level...

In reality every person and business LOVES lower prices/costs.

Lower prices let you do more with less.

Lower prices grow your money's purchasing power!

Lower prices free your time and thus make you a free person!

But central banks don't care about your freedom.

The real reason they push this 2% inflationary propaganda is to normalize that stealing 2% of your savings every year is necessary for a healthy economy.

And every time they print 2%, they take that from you into their pockets.

And that is one big fat lie they have pushed for 110 years now.

Fortunately, the truth always wins.

And we have the privilege to live in the times when fiat lies are exposed.

Thanks to Bitcoin we can exit the lies and opt into a system of truth and transparency.

Once you adopt bitcoin as your unit of account everything starts getting is a lovely example with the prices of real estate in Vienna measured in inflationary fiat versus deflationary bitcoins:

Money is changing forever.

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