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BR #23: The BTC chart for dummies

Sep 09, 2023

(1-minute read)

This week I was very surprised by a conversation I had with very close people.

I was sharing that I am tempted to:

  • Sell a small property that I don't really need for living
  • Use the proceeds to buy more bitcoin
  • Wait for bitcoin's price to grow 300% in 2024/5
  • Sell a part of the bitcoin
  • Buy an identical property again
  • Keep the remaining bitcoin

Their response surprised me: "But how do you know the price will grow 300% in 2024/5?"

"What do mean how do I know? That is how bitcoin's price moves!" I replied.

They reverted: "Well, it could grow but it could also depends on countless variables."

I was shocked that so close people following my content, didn't see what I saw.

 So I drew the following dead simple chart of Bitcoin's 12-year price history:

I don't know how to make it simpler:

  • Every 4 years bitcoin's new supply halves;
  • As demand for bitcoin remains the sameprice starts to grow;
  • The 3 times when this happened a 1-year bull market followed;
  • And ~1 year after the halving a price peak was reached;
  • Then 3 years of down/side price movement followed.

These are not random price movements.

Bitcoin's innate nature is the reason for these movements.

Central bank policies, Elon Musk, Blackrock, and governments can have an influence on the magnitude of each uptrend or downtrend.

But so far they have not succeeded in breaking the trend.

And so while I don't have a crystal ball, logic and basic market rules suggest that in 2024 the price will go the same route.

And that is also why I call these 4 year-cycles: halving earthquakes

The halvings are the mechanism that drives the biggest wealth transfer in human history: from vulnerable and amortizable assets to the one invisible, weightless, and strictly scarce digital asset.

We examine the halvings way deeper in the Bitcoin Masterclass.

The best time to accumulate bitcoin is now, today, this month, this year. The time is not end of 2024!

That is why I built a comprehensive 3-hour video masterclass and launched it in 2023!

And I just recorded a 3-minute video on why I built a 3-hour Bitcoin Masterclass:

 See you next weekend!

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