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BR #32: The Investment Memo

Nov 12, 2023

I started my career in the startup world fundraising and helping others fundraise.

At the time, I used to write Investment Memos to present startup opportunities to angel investors.

Every memo consisted of the following sections:

  1. The Problem (if the startup is not solving a real problem it is doomed to fail);
  2. The Solution;
  3. Product-market fit;
  4. Traction;
  5. Competition and competitive advantage;
  6. Risks;
  7. Who has already invested;
  8. Target market and its size;
  9. Investment terms & valuation;
  10. Exit strategy;

While most people don't think of Bitcoin as a startup, I do.

I see it as a software startup disrupting central banks, their fiat currencies, and all forms of savings.

Here is my Investment Memo for Bitcoin: what I believe is the largest and most impactful startup of our generation. I put lots of time and energy on writing it earlier this year, and I just realized it makes a great eye-opening weekend read :)

I hope it helps you to better understand the money puzzle and the wealth transfer we are living through.

Let me know if any part of the memo triggers questions or topics that you would like me to explore further over the next weeks.

 Till next Saturday!

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