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BR #30: My LinkedIn Got Blocked

Oct 29, 2023

(3-minute read)

Censorship is all around.

Censorship of speech and money.

Few experience it firsthand.

When I experience it, it feels like a wake-up call.

If you follow me for some time, you may remember I already faced several issues with social media.

Yesterday, it happened again.

I logged in to LinkedIn only to see my account was restricted...

Because I was not abiding by the "Professional community policies"...

Pfffff....was my internal emotional reaction.

Frankly, I strive hard to be respectful and empathetic, but sometimes I like to call things out as they are.

That is what I did with my latest LinkedIn post which LinkedIn's algorithm did not like so much...that it automatically blocked my account.

Here is the post in question:

BREAKING! Smart investors were wrong BIG time again: 

🫡 "Smart" investors said high-interest rates will break Bitcoin. 

🫡 "Smart" investors said lower liquidity will break bitcoin. 

🫡 "Smart" investors said investors would prefer the "safe-heaven" of bonds. 

Yet the "extremely risky" Bitcoin asset is once again the best-performing asset in the world.

100% growth since January 🚀 

It seems clear to me many "smart" investors still do not understand Bitcoin 🥸 

The more they ignore it, the more pain they will feel 🤕

Until the pain becomes unbearable 🤢

Then they will WANT to sell their perishable, amortizable, confiscatable real estate, gold, stocks, art, cars, and golf sticks to get the one strictly scarce asset in the world.

But I wonder if they will be allowed to sell or if they will be forbidden by the governmental curtain of capital controls protecting them from "money laundering" 😭

Your time is running out slowly.

Then suddenly.

Protect your family, savings, and business.

This is not a drill.

This is not yet another asset.

This is not an investing portfolio game.

This is the world's greatest wealth transfer happening in slow motion before our eyes.

And the wealth transfer will not be cute, friendly, and fluffy.

It will melt faces, destroy reputations, and redistribute wealth like nothing else.

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God bless 🙏

Now this may sound extreme, sensational, or overblown, but I stand by every single word.

The truth is it sounds extreme because we live in a prison.

It is a prison for our minds.

We were born in this world where:

  • It is "normal" that prices go up forever;
  • It is "normal" that you take a 30-year mortgage;
  • It is "normal" that you must "invest" your savings to barely keep up;
  • It is "normal" that to access any financial service you need to show your state ID;
  • It is "normal" that to use financial services you must prove you are not laundering money.

Seriously!? Is any of these really normal?

Or does it just look like it is normal, when in fact it is completely abnormal?

Here is what I find actually normal:

  • Technology should make everything cheaper forever;
  • Technology should make housing consistently cheaper;
  • You should be able to live a great life only by working, without ever having to "invest";
  • You should be able to access financial services without your state ID and countless of paperwork;
  • You should be innocent by default! Because most people are good people and do not launder money.

The "normal" things of today are all the result of the Broken, Centralized, Monopolized Fiat Money our society is drowning in.

And in particular they are all a result of the big lie that "inflation" is normal.

Inflation is theft. Period.

And inflation creates countless of fucked up incentives across every country, industry, company, organization and your personal life.

Now the thing is the global economy cannot survive without inflation. It needs prices to always go up!


Because almost every country, company, and individual is in record-high debt.

If governments and central banks let the natural forces of technology make everything cheaper:

  • We will start consuming less;
  • Which will make others lose their jobs;
  • Which will make them default on their mortgages, loans, etc.;
  • Which will bankrupt companies, countries, individuals....everyone!

And so since we don't want everyone to go bankrupt, we choose to continue to live in the mind prison we were born in: the place where the abnormal is "normal".

We continue to solve the problems with old solutions:

  • Let's control the money supply.
  • Let's control the money flows.
  • Let's control speech.
  • Let's control!

As our world becomes more unstable - financially & politically - the solution is and will continue to be more CONTROL.

Importantly for the topic of this newsletter, I am sure you will experience ever more control of "your" money and assets.

Last week I wrote about the difficulty of Alice to getting €20k out of her bank to buy bitcoin.

Since then 7 people replied to me sharing similar problems they have had with banks....

I fear this can only get worse.

Everyone will at some point learn that there are two types of assets in this world: those that are in the old financial system and those that are out of it.

In the system:

  • Cars
  • Stocks
  • Real estate
  • Bitcoin ETFs
  • Bank deposits
  • Bitcoin on exchanges (Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, Revolut...)

Outside the system:

99% of people have 100% of their assets in the system.

Guess what will happen to Bitcoin's price when they realize it?

Today they hold real estate and stocks thinking they are protected from inflation...

And to some extent they are.

But they are not safe from taxes...and higher taxes are coming.

Watch this 3-minute story of a privileged real-estate investor to get my point.

That's a wrap!

I hope you found this newsletter valuable! If so, send it to others so they wake up too.


P.S. Fortunately, I got my LinkedIn profile recovered today. This time LinkedIn staff were merciful to me.

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